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Crystal - Lloyd's Global Trading Information


What's the difference between Crystal, the Risk Locator and the QA tool?

The Risk Locator is your starting point to determine how to identify the legal location of an insured risk. This is not always a straightforward as it may first seem; for instance it can vary by class of business and definitions contained in local insurance laws.

Once the location of risk has been determined, Crystal provides information on Lloyd's licensing status and regulatory and fiscal requirements to transact business compliantly in that country or territory.

The QA tool is particularly useful in the formation of the contract to ensure that all contractual requirements, not only regulatory and fiscal, are complied with.

Who can use Crystal?

Crystal is free for everyone to use.  However, some of the information in Crystal has been restricted to members of the Lloyd's market only. If you are a member of the Lloyd's market you are eligible to register for access to this secured content.

Why should I register for Crystal?

By registering for Crystal, Lloyd's market participants will receive updates advising them when information has changed and will also be able to save searches.  Lloyd's market participants will also gain access to secured content,

What is the difference between the country and category view?

On the search results screen for Crystal you can view your results by country or category. Using the country view groups the information by country, so that everything to do with a country appears directly underneath it. The category view reverses the grouping so that the information is grouped under the category it belongs to. This view is most useful when you want to compare a piece of information across a number of countries, eg finding out about Lloyd's authorisation in France, Germany and Belgium.

What is the key information for?

The key information tab contains details that Lloyd's brokers and underwriters should consider before accepting any risk in the countries chosen in the search.  The information has been chosen to provide an overview of Lloyd's ability to trade in the countries chosen in the search criteria.

What is the difference between a tailored search and a quick search?

A tailored search enables you create your own search criteria by selecting from the list of categories and sub-categories available on the search screen.  Quick searches are pre-defined searches that have been created by Lloyd's to provide quick access to frequently requested searches such as quick reference guides.

How do I save my search criteria for next time?

Once you have run a search click on the  icon . You will be taken to the 'Saved searches' screen where you can give your search a name and a description before saving it.  Once saved the name, description and link will be added to the page, this page will only display your saved searches to you. There is no limit to the number of searches that you can save and they will not be removed from Crystal unless you decide to delete them.

Note: Saved searches functionality is only available to registered users of Crystal. If you don't currently have access to the 'Saved searches' functionality and would like access you can register for access to Crystal.  .

Can I save a copy of my search results?

You can easily save a copy of your search criteria for next time by using the 'Saved searches' functionality available from the results screen of any search (see question above). Using this functionality means you are always looking at the most up-to-date version of the information.


Why can I not save my searches?

Saved searches functionality is only available to registered users of Crystal. If you don't currently have access to the 'Saved searches' functionality and would like access you can register for a Crystal subscription.

Why can I not see some of the search results?

You may be trying to view information that has been secured.  Some of the information in Crystal has been restricted to Lloyd's market participants only. If you are a Lloyd's market participant you are eligible to register for access to this secured content.

How do I know when a piece of information was last updated?

Every piece of information in Crystal is given a “last updated” date.  In addition, information that is new or has been updated in the last 20 days is indicated by the 'new' icon.

If you come across any information that you believe is out-of-date or incorrect please email who will look into this for you.

I am having trouble logging into Crystal

You need to be a registered Crystal user to access restricted information and functionality like 'Saved searches' you will need to register as a Crystal user.

Your username is the email address you used to register for your account.  

If you have forgotten your password you can request to get your password reset here 

If you continue to experience problems logging into Crystal please email .