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Europe (Lloyd’s Insurance Company SA) Lloyd's Brussels
* Please see Authorisation for details of Lloyd's underwriters licensing status
Please see Authorisation for details of Lloyd's Brussels licensing status

Pre-placement considerations

Sanctions and trade controls

Lloyd's Brussels

What's new

Lloyd’s Brussels: Managing agents are reminded that no contract of (re)insurance is entered into or extended on behalf of Lloyd's Brussels which the managing agent or coverholder is or ought reasonably to be aware may cause it, Lloyd's Brussels or any other entities involved in the performance of activities under or in connection with the (re)insurance in question to violate or become exposed to any restrictive measures or other enforcement action under or in consequence of any applicable economic or trade sanctions (including UN, EU, UK, Belgian or US sanctions).
Last updated: 11 Oct 2019

Distribution channels

Intermediary regulation

Lloyd's Brussels

What's new

Lloyd’s Brussels created generic IDD information for your convenience under the Intermediary Regulation section on the EEA country specific pages.
Overview of the EU Insurance Distribution Directive
Last updated: 19 Oct 2019